Teens 14-18

Who am I? Where do I fit in? How do I get through this?
Even the most well adjusted teen needs a little help finding the right answers now and then. For teen struggles large and small, an objective third-party can be a powerful support during uncertain times. I can be that resource.
A special area of interest for me is working with teens. I find it easy to connect with individuals in this life stage, which is probably one of the most complicated and uncomfortable stages any one of us will ever endure.
As a former struggling teen, a parent, and a professional, I'm familiar from all angles with the challenges teens face -- particularly in today's world where adolescents are plugged in 24-7. I provide a safe space for teens to relax, unplug and figure it all out in time to tackle the challenges of young adulthood.

Young Adults 19-35

Time to fly the nest.

The winds of change can challenge even the strongest of wings. Leaving Home. College. Career. Relationships. Staring a Family. The Perfect Storm of major life transitions.


Acting as a "safe haven" for individuals in this life stage is another area of special interest for me. More than ever before, today's Young Adult is returning to the nest after college, or simply never leaving. My role is helping you identify what's holding you back, what you need in order to feel ready and confident to fly, and then guiding you to prepare for lift-off.  

Elders 65+

The Golden Years Don't Always Shine Brightly.

At 65, society tells us you're supposed to be carefree, enjoying your retirement, more time with the grandkids, and an active lifestyle free from the responsibilities of the previous life stage. The truth is, reality tends to get in the way.


Depression is affecting Elders at a rate higher than ever before. Retirement can rob you of your sense of purpose. Financial pressures bring anxiety. Adult children with their own troubles often lean on aging parents for assistance, moving back home or relying on your help raising their children as they try to make ends meet. Then there is the physical aging process that can impact your emotional well being. It also is unfortunate but common for your social support network to shrink as you lose friends and loved ones. Grief & Loss can be difficult to cope with.


If these or any other issues have darkened your perspective, consider reaching out so we can shed some light on things.

Adults 35-65

Squeezed from all angles:


Since most people spend the bulk of their years in the Adult stage, each of us is bound to hit a few speed bumps along the road from age 35 to 65. 

There are the pressures of raising and launching your children, advancing in your career and preparing for retirement, caring for aging parents. Plus, your particular situation might include unique stresses, such as coping with divorce, raising a child with special needs, or the impact of unhealthy relationships with people close to you.


My years of agency work have provided a wealth of experience working with adults across the mental health spectrum, treating individuals with temporary situational stresses, serious mental health disorders, and everything in between.



Babies don't come with instruction manuals
Same goes for toddlers, school-aged kids, teens, and even adult children. Then there are the challenges of making ends meet in today's economy, the hair-raising logistics of coordinating everyone's schedules (soccer practice, a late meeting at work, and who is going to take care of dinner?!), and any issues specific to your family. Examples are endless: a troubled teen, preparing Baby #1 for Baby #2, divorce, an Adult Child who has failed to launch . . .  What's a frazzled parent to do? I'm here to help.
My special interest in working with teens extends to working with parents as well. Often that involves teaching you self-care, healhy co-parenting or parenting as a single mom or dad -- as well as strategies and techniques to foster healthy communication, conflict resolution, and finding the tricky balance between conditional love and healthy discipline. 



Extra Pressure

Members of the gay population are no more likely than individuals who are "straight" to develop mental health issues. However, the added pressures of being in this minority group can amplify your level of stress when issues do come up.
I have extensive experience working with gay clients. I am mindful of the ways in which society shapes the unique pressures you may face, and how that plays into the issues you'd like to address in therapy.


Therapy &/or "Letters"

The transgender community accounts for less than 1% of the US population. Being such a small minority only adds to the challenge of coping when your biology doesn't match your brain. The choices aren't great:

A. Suffer in Silent Confusion

B. Live a Double Life to avoid rejection, abuse, microaggression and discrimination

C. Come Out and experience rejection, abuse, microaggression and discrimination

None of the answers is appealing. And "None of The Above" isn't an option. But there is one more choice:

D. Get Clear on who you know yourself to be, and cultivate tools to live from a place of personal power rather than victimhood. 

I can help you find the answer that's right for you.