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Transgender Care: Therapy & "Letters"

In the last couple of years there has been an uptick in the number of transgender or gender-confused clients coming to my practice for therapy. Very few mental health professionals are trained to assist trans individuals, who face a unique set of challenges.

Fortunately, there are relatively new opportunities for extensive training. And so it is that I am a certified Transgender Care Therapist. That means I have cultivated a depth of knowledge and a frame of reference that will help me to help trans individuals navigate through the challenges they face mentally, emotionally, relationally, and logistically.

Additionally, for trans clients who seek mental health evaluation and clearance for medical treatments such as HRT (hormone replacement therapy), as well as gender affirming surgical procedures, I am qualified to provide the evaluation and, if appropriate, the appropriate documentation required by the medical professionals involved.  For more information on services for transgender clients, click HERE.